Eos Services

We meet our clients’ needs and consistently aim to exceed expectations by providing fully contextualized, innovative and sustainable solutions using a best-of-industry approach that remains deeply cognizant of the local environment in order to meet our total commitment to quality assurance throughout and beyond a project’s life-cycle.


Walking the walk. no exceptions.

Financial Inclusion

Garnering proven, market-tested methodologies and drawing on our global operations heritage of deep engagement in developing markets, we walk with clients, partners and beneficiaries, providing qualified technical support, innovative project design and contextualized solutions to ensure meaningful, sustainable financial inclusion of customers.

Edutainment Media

We turn ideas and messages into engaging, captivating, and entertaining  educatiional media.

Whatever your initiative, campaign or program, we produce edutainment that speaks to Myanmar audiences across demographics and socio-economic backgrounds.

Workforce, Volunteer & Community Projects

When corporations visibly invest in their communities, those companies become a place where people want to work. We design, support and implement sustainable initiatives on your behalf or deliver concepts alongside your teams.

Incorporating CSR strategies into your operations is a win-win and will deliver long-term benefits that boost the bottom line while also enhancing the communities you serve

Finance Sector Support

A healthy financial services sector is a KPI for financial inclusion levels across any context where access to financial services is either highly limited or non-existent.
Harnessing extensive project experience in developing countries, our technical support services address capacity needs arising from Myanmar's rapid finance sector expansion, and strengthen institutions at every level, working with boards, donors, management and staff, offering field-tested methodologies, developing competitive concepts and delivering contextualized solutions

Risk Management

Managing risk is a fundamental element of reducing uncertainty associated with operations in developing contexts.

From the boardroom to the 'engine room', effective risk mitigation relies on robust and auditable, but above all sustainable, risk-commensurate processes and outputs.

Eos provides technical assistance,information and risk management services to I/NGO's, government and for-profit entities.

Capacity Building

We understand that practical skills and knowledge transferable to the workplace are two core components of effective human resources as a catalyst along the path towards any successful operation.

Therefore we do not just train. Instead we provide ongoing support to staff and the institutions and communities we serve to assure knowledge and skill retention with a view to furthering departmental performance goals and becoming key contributors to sustainable success.