Eos Group Myanmar Ltd, Ascot-Global's Southeast Asian service entity covers three distinct verticals: Financial Services Support, Risk Management and Skills Transfer Initiatives, including educational media.


Financial Services Support -

Our financial services support clients range from I/NGO’s and I/NGO consortia, to Micro Finance Institutions, banks and digital finance companies with CSR projects or similar initiatives with a financial services component.


Risk Management - 

Whether your organization already has a footprint in country or wants to establish or expand its operations, our risk management services support a diverse range of sectors and industries, such as development firms, I/NGO's, corporate entities and global risk service providers.

Educational Media - 

For our media and edutainment products, we have refined the process from idea to finished product, and provide comprehensive product development assistance from conceptualization, production design, scripting and actual production, all in close cooperation with our in-house team of creatives.

In all of our products and services our strength lies in our capacity for innovation and customization of deliverables without compromising compliance with industry standards or best practices.


We are highly agile and responsive and pride ourselves in our ability to form lasting, productive and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners, clients and beneficiaries. 

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